How to Lose 2kg in One Day

First of all don’t eat anything. Yes, if it is so important for you to lose 2 kg in one day, then first of all you should stop eating. 

This will automatically reduce half to 1 kg because you will not put that much weight in your diet. 

Secondly, clean your body’s waste properly, defecate and urinate comfortably. This will reduce the weight by half to 1 kg. 

Now jog on that day to lose some more weight. Jog for hours and hours as much as you can. Still take water with you. 

But remember, don’t even water for a few hours before getting down on the weight machine for your weight to compete! 

Remember, do this only for one day, that too if it is very important or necessary for a competition. It is not safe and healthy so try it at your own risk! 

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and a milkshake as soon as you’re done with the weight machine! Replenish your body with what you have made it suffer. 

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